Oud at Martinez Marina 2005

Eastern Strings

Musiqa min Al Dunia As-Sharqia ~ Music from the Eastern World
Original Microtonal Music Inspired by Traditional Arabic Maqamat and Iqaat and Other World Music Traditions
California Multi-Instrumentalist

Nathan Craver

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Dancers' Nights at El Morocco

with Al 'Azifoon
(Usually) The First Sunday of Every Month at
El Morocco Restaurant
2203 Morello Ave. at Taylor Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA
Advance Reservations Required due the popularity of these events!
(925) 671-0132

Rakkasah West Belly Dance Festival
Friday-Sunday, April 7-9, 2017
with Al 'Azifoon

~ Al 'Azifoon with Mary Ellen Donald:
Main Stage, Saturday at 1:16 pm
~ Al 'Azifoon with Tim Bolling:
Cabaret Stage, Sunday at 2:00 pm

Centre Concord
5298 Clayton Road
Concord, CA

Oud at El Morocco

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