Eastern Strings: Guitar, Mandolin, Joura, Oud

Eastern Strings

Musiqa min Al Dunia As-Sharqia ~ Music from the Eastern World
Original Microtonal Music Inspired by Traditional Arabic Maqamat and Iqaat and Other World Music Traditions
California Multi-Instrumentalist

Nathan Craver

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Here are some of the recordings that I've played on over the years:

Solo: ~

Al 'Azifoon

~ Lost Prophets ~ Other

Solo Improvisations:

Although I do not play either traditional Persian music or traditional Persian instruments, the instruments that I play on my Bijan Solos recordings are all descended from ancient Persian stringed instruments and it is thus fitting that they were recorded 'live' in a Persian restaurant.

First One In, Last One Home and Court Minstrel were recorded at the Waterfront Park in Martinez, CA for the Employee Appreciation Picnic at my workplace.

Bijan Solos 1 2005

Mandolin Solo 2
(MP3, 5.7MB, 6:05)

Classical Guitar Solo 4
(MP3, 3.1MB, 3:18)

First One In 2005

Storm Clouds (intro)
(MP3, 2.7MB, 2:54)

Take A Breath
(MP3, 2.2MB, 2:24)

Last One Home 2005

Across The Straits
(MP3, 6MB, 6:24)

Bijan Solos 2 - Moondreams 2005

Waltz By The Sea
(MP3, 7.2MB, 7:41)

Far From Home
(MP3, 8.2MB, 8:46)

(MP3, 2.8MB, 2:58)

Court Minstrel 2007

Court Minstrel
(MP3, 2.9MB, 6:13)

River Gypsies
(MP3, 6.0MB, 13:02)

Time To Move On
(MP3, 4.9MB, 10:38)

Race The Storm
(MP3, 4.6MB, 9:59)

Night Train
(MP3, 10.3MB, 22:28)

Some recent nylon-string guitar improvisations, recorded 'live' in my living room, December 2008:

Alhambra (MP3, 8.6MB, 10:13)

Fog On The Heather (MP3, 5.0MB, 6:14)

Multimedia Compositions:

The following are a series of recordings I made for several digital recording/multimedia classes that I took at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA from 2001 - 2003.
I wasn't as much into serious composition as I was into having fun with synthesizers, as you will hear!
Flute Song was actually written in 1974 or 75 for a flute class I took at San Francisco State.

Altitud (MP3, 2.1MB, 2:17)

Walkabout (MP3, 2.7MB, 2:57)

Flute Song (MP3, 1.7MB, 1:52)

Tipsy Robots (MP3, 2.1MB, 3:17)

Scratchin' Robots (MP3, 2.9MB, 3:07)

Street Noises (MP3, 2.3MB, 2:26)

St. Stevie & the Dragon (MP3, 2.7MB, 2:57)

Viento de Frente (MP3, 3.0MB, 3:11)
(Percussion sampled from Susu Pampanin)

Walk Through The Bazaar (MP3, 1.9MB, 2:30)
(totally created with GarageBand loops, 2012)

Electric Oud at El Morocco

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